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Local Tourism

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This photos spread appeared in the 1933 issue of "Intake," the LADWP employee magazine.

This photo spread appeared in the June 1933 issue of “Intake,” the LADWP employee magazine.

In April of 1913, just one year after the formal organization of the Bishop Chamber of Commerce, the Inyo Register printed a statement by former Governor Gillette, in which he said, “I look for the day not too far hence when Inyo will be the great attraction for tourists the world over. Open the arteries of easy entrance to this magnificent domain of the Sierra and an eager throng will hasten to share with you the bounties that nature has so lavishly bestowed upon you.”

By the 1920’s, the tourist industry was in full swing following a speech by Mr. C. L. “Outdoor” Franklin in which he urged the Chamber to “Get the tourists.” Franklin noted that this is the finest resort west of the Rockies and what is needed most is wide-spread advertising and special attention to the great care of the tourists.

As a part of the advertising venture, the Owens River Gorge became known in some circles as the Grand Canyon of California.

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